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Style: White Pastry Stout
Alcohol: 7,5% vol.
Size: 33 cl
Ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat, oats, lactose,
natural flavors, hops, yeast.
Service temperature: 10°-12°C

Nyctophobia, called "fear of the dark" often manifests itself in childhood and then in adulthood, in rare cases, turns into fear of dark beers... we at MISTER B want to fight against evils in the world, give the opportunity to these unfortunate people to try a Pastry Stout and so we made it clear, but it tastes like dark beer. In reality, to make it dirtier, it also tastes like bignolata valance, the one we pick up on Sundays at the pastry shop for lunch with mom, with chocolate , cream and eggnog Now close your eyes, or rather leave them open because then you'll get anxiety and high blood sugar.